9 To Know

A quick and easy way to take a look into your financial future


  • Quickly check to see if your retirement plan is on track
  • Enter 9 pieces of information to know where you stand
  • Know who to talk to if you don’t get your desired result

Welcome to “9 To Know”

Here you can obtain a complimentary basic financial analysis by entering 9 pieces of contact and financial information.

This analysis can help determine if you are on track for a successful retirement or if you may come up short.

If you find the analysis doesn’t match your desired results, Fresno Financial Advisors could provide recommendations that may help you attain your financial goals and improve your retirement picture.

Why Join Us

We help clients find their passion and design a strategy to live it.

  • Clarity And Certainty In Your Financial Picture
  • Investment Risk VS. Reward Optimization
  • Estate And Legacy Protection
  • Tax Consequence MitigationLong-Term Care Strategy

What You’ll Get

Holdings Analysis

Social Security Analysis

Cash Flow

Financial Management System

Retirement is when you stop living at work and begin working at living!