Investment management strategies designed to help grow your wealth

Many of us might invest to mitigate inflation and taxes with tax-deferred accounts.

If we do not earn a reasonable rate of return on our retirement savings, we can lose buying power. For this reason, we must understand that, at this point in our lives, investments should only be used to support strategies within the retirement plan. Money that will be used to supplement our retirement income in five years should be invested differently than money that will be used in 15 years. And money in tax-deferred accounts, after-tax accounts, and Roth accounts each have unique uses and should be invested accordingly.

At Fresno Financial Advisors, we employ a hands-on investment management process designed to help maximize each client’s returns while minimizing risk.

Our investment management services are highly customized, based on your return objectives, risk adversity, and tax status of your accounts. We firmly believe that investment returns should be measured for consistency and that added protection from market losses is crucial to long-term performance.

Investment Philosophy

At Fresno Financial Advisors, our investment philosophy is well-grounded and evidence-based. We adhere to a disciplined approach and focus on tax efficiency, low-cost investing, diversified holdings, and asset allocation.

As your trusted fiduciary, Sean generates an investment pathway that best fits your financial life. No decision is made without keeping you informed. Your investment portfolio is in full alignment with your holistic financial plan.

Investment Principals

We abide by a strict list of principals that we believe propel us to offer the best investment strategies we can:

    • Sean is a fiduciary: He is bound by law to act in your best interests.
    • We focus on optimal after-tax returns: We believe in tax-efficient investing to help maximize after-tax returns.
    • We believe in what you CAN control: Diversification, asset allocation, and low-cost investments are keydrivers of performance.
    • We focus on truths: We help our clients with financial discipline so they can focus on what is real and controllable.
    • We are unbiased: We are not tied to money managers or financial solutions providers.
    • We are transparent: We provide clear remuneration for all of our services and implemented financial solutions.
    • We are thorough: We track, manage, and realign your investment portfolio as your life changes.